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• 4/25/2018

did yuri ever acsept how things are

i have been wondring who is right someone on an amino said she did but i don't think she did and i read nothing about her accsepting how things are so who is right me or them
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• 9/25/2017

Kanade and Otonashi (Spoliers)

just finished the series, I found out in the final episode that Kanade had Otonashi's heart which extended her lifespan but wasn't angel already their in the afterlife and fighting before otonahi came? please answer i am really confused
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• 8/21/2016

Soundtrack of Naoi

You know the scene where Naoi disappears? There's a music box song and I can't find it, can somebody tell me the name? :(
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• 3/23/2016

Do Kanade love Otonashi?

At the ending (13th episode) Otonashi said that he falls in love with kanade but she doesn't replied at least. She only said she was lucky about meeting him and she thanked Otonashi for spending his heart.
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• 1/13/2016

Kanade is human, but uses that program for ncps... ??

kanade is the only one who altered her apperance using this angel computer program. Yurippe says towards the end that the shadow must have been created by using the same program for ncps... and she also said that she wanted kanade to fight the shadows, because kanade is a npc with that program. but in the last episode, kanade disappears. ncps cant do that xD and because she has yuzurus heart, she must be human... but why does the program work then???
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• 9/22/2015

The mysterious boy appears in episode 12, who created it?

1 - a curiosity, it is not said if the Mysterious Boy is an NPC or a person, but he says he is programmed to watch the computers and see how much love is in the Afterlife. When love began to manifest in Afterlife, he probably activated the Shadow Program to kill everyone, so he is an NPC? as far as I know it is impossible to program a person.
2 - Angel Beats is a game? the reason why I started to have doubts that is, in the anime and manga all they talk programming, NPCs and Etc ...
Otherwise the Mysterious Boy says he was programmed to activate the program of shadow creatures.
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• 9/17/2015
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• 8/16/2015

Opening Sequence Image

In every episode's opening sequence, three flashes of Otonashi are shown, the first two being from later in the episode. But the third one is always the same, with Otonashi shifting his gaze upwards and a blue sky behind him. Which episode and scene is this image taken from?
The third image of Otonashi in every episode's opening sequence:
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• 6/25/2015


Does the anyone else think the worst chatracter in angel beats is kanade she is so goddamn boring and is one of the many rei ayanami clones
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• 2/27/2015
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• 11/7/2014

Off Character Topic Page?/Fan Fiction

Found a couple Pages that was not part of the origial series. Seems like its part of a Fan fiction.... so what do we do?!_REBORN!
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• 7/11/2014

Kanade and Yurippe

I seriously wish there was a plot twist where one of Yuri's little sisters, that was killed by the bandits, turned out to be Kanade...although it's not possible...
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• 7/11/2014

Angel player's programmer

This guy surely is Otonashi Yuzuru, he was arriving to this place long time ago , he want to help people , he want to know what love is, so he wait someone , That one is Tachibana Kanade , who make him know what love is, so he want to stay in this place to help people . So last episode , He stay . Yurippe is the bug of this program , so It wake him up from a NPC .
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• 6/13/2014

Could Kanade Tachibana be the reincarnation of Yuzuru's little sister, Hatsune Otonashi?

I'm curious about this because I watched the series again and thought about how Kanade reminded me of Hatsune. I think this because I noticed odd similarities between the two characters. One was that both their first names refer to sound. Another was how Kanade thanked Yuzuru in the end which reminded me much of how Hatsune thanked him. I would be disappointed if this is to be true because then I just ruined the whole surprise for myself.
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• 5/20/2014

Kanade and Yuzuru

Hello, I don´t understand to one thing.
Yuzuru died first and donated heart to Kanade, so she was still alive when Yuzuru died.
But when Yuzuur apears in the afterworld, Kanade is already there as angel, and in the end she says that she was waiting for him.
How is that event posibble that she was already there?
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• 4/20/2014

Yuzuru's new life.

At the end of episode 13 Yuzuru says something about when Yuri, Kanade and the others disappear same for Yuzuru they'll have a NEW life, that's why in the ending of episode 13, its been confirmed that the boy with the same hair as Yuzuru WAS Yuzuru after all since he has a new life, as he walks forward there is a girl with white hair that resembles Kanade. Yuzuru stops walking, Kanade walks the other direction where Yuzuru is heading, so Yuzuru turns and runs toward her and reaches for her shoulder or hair to get her attention.
I believe that his life in the after life will be the same in the real world.
He'll meet Kanade again and then yuri and the others
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• 4/11/2014

The ending....

Honestly they don't say clearafy if any of them truely did died.... All they gave us was that they all been hospitalized from a tragic event..... and aren't they put into an "afterlife" a place between life and death? It seem more like they are all in a comma and they are placed in this world givng them a second chance at living their life if they want it back. In the human world they never said if Otonashi died, all we saw was him passing out from blood loss and poor health. 
Also they say Yuzuru Otonashi gave his heart to Angel so she could live again..... I but she was there a long time before he even entered that world.... (as if she was on the break of death, im a comma). I think he regain is memory when laying on her chest becuase he found his reason for living, loveing Angel. He said himself he doesn't know what he was living on for, as if he had no real reason to live and for not having a heart was the fact that he did not love anyone or anything since the lost of his little sister. After figuring out his memories and his love for Kanade Tachibana he doesn't leave like he was suppost to because she was still their, and in visversa Tachibana found a reason to live on for with the stenght of love she has for Yuzuru Otanashi. After she wanted to try to live again and left him, he came to the realization he wants to live with her and went back to earth too. They might have only reconized each other through the song Tachibana was humming (for I highly dout they really remembered what happen in the "afterlife") but the song stuck with them for it was powerful and full of life, love, and sorrow.
I think they all excepted their fate in the real world but wanted to continue living it after giving up hope thanks to Otonashi.
This is my prospective of course, but the whole reincarnation life doesn't match cuz he would have been waaaaayyyyyyyyy older then her for he "died" while she lived thanks to his heart.... and again it just shows that they could go back cuz Tachibana went back to living thanks to "his heart donation".
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• 4/10/2014

i cant believe people actually compare this masterpiece angel beats to something like air or kanon. its not even close. air and kanon are just fantasy romance you can find these novels anywhere. but a

i cant believe people actually compare this masterpiece angel beats to something like air or kanon. its not even close. air and kanon are just fantasy romance you can find these novels anywhere. but angel beats is something special about young people and their regrets not romance crap. we can all relate to it. so stop saying its similar to kanon or air not even close
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• 3/23/2014

Third Drama CD

Is the third drama Cd canon, or was it just for fun?
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• 3/12/2014

Naoi's Death

Is it just me, or is Naoi's death linked to the scene where he finally gets his father's approval? I mean, when he and his brother fall, they're underneath a tree with a broken branch, which suggests that they were climbing the tree and fell. Remember that the only time Ayato ever got his father's approval is when the two twins were climbing the tree and he grabbed the fruit before his brother did.
Is it possible that Ayato wanted to keep climbing taller and taller trees to win his father's approval and eventually he and his brother fell, causing his twin's death? It would definitely tie into his guilt over his brother's death.
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