I wanted to know if Angel Player was created by The Programmer, or created by someone else. Here's a copy and paste of a translated interview of Jun Maeda answering question that fans have asked in 2010.

"Angel Player existed from the ancient past."

When Maeda was asked “What exactly is Angel Player?” this was his response:

"There were people fighting against God, even before the arrival of Yuri. Similarly, there were people that tried to unravel the mystery of this world as well. Angel Player is the result of an individual who found ways to manipulate and create material. Kanade found that software on her own, analyzed it [...continues]"

Otonashi was not the creator of Angel Players. Nor was he the only bug to find its way into this world. Ultimately, Maeda seems to suggest that the world has been going on for god-knows-how-long.

Could the individual Maeda was talking be the Programmer or somebody else?