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This wiki covers the Angel Beats! multimedia project by animation studio Key and writer Jun Maeda.


  • (February 27, 2015) Angel Beats! stickers added to LINE!- Accompanying the previously-released CLANNAD LINE Stickers, a new set of Angel Beats! stickers available for purchase on the LINE Creator's Market! Like the CLANNAD stickers, they're priced at $0.99, and are based off the sprites used in the Angel Beats! -Operation Wars- mobile game. Source:
  • (February 17, 2015) New Angel Beats! Heaven's door volume releasing February 17th- As recently tweeted by the manga's artist, Asami Yuriko, volume 8 of Heaven's Door is up for preorder and is set to release on February 27th, 2015, closing in on a year since the release of the 7th volume in June of 2014. Source:
  • (January 30, 2015) Preorders have opened for Angel Beats!-1st beat - The game is scheduled to launch on the 29th of May, 2015. The game will be releasing both as a first release edition and a regular edition, with the former of the two containing a copy of the unreleased Girls Dead Monster single: Million Star! Source: Key
  • (November 29, 2013) Official Website of the Angel Beats Visual Novel Is Published - Information posted on the Angel Beats FB fan page mentions that the webpage will be available to the public by the end of December. Source: Link
  • (September 27, 2013) Prospective Release Date and Details Of Upcoming Game - Information posted on revealed the release of the game sometime in Spring 2014, with the platform exclusively on the PC and consists of 7 volumes released separately. Source: Link (Japanese)
    • Special thanks to Wetchan for the tip and translation
  • (September 27, 2013) More Details on Angel Beats! Game On Next Dengeki G Issue - An image of the cover page of the upcoming November issue of Dengeki G magazine promises game specifics according to website SeventhStyle. Source: Link

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