Angel Beat's anime series soundtrack was composed by AVANT-GARDE EYES and Jun Maeda. In all 6 albums have been released, 4 of them being Girl Dead Monster albums. Lia, LiSA, Aoi Tada and Karuta have worked in most of these albums.

  • Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack
    The Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack is a 2 CD album featuring all the songs and instrumentals from the series.
  • Angel Beats! Insert Song Single - Crow Song
Realeased on April 23 2010. It Features "Crow Song", "Alchemy" and "My Song".

  • Angel Beats! Insert Song Single - Little Braver
This album was released on June 9th 2010. It features "Little Braver", "Shine Days" and "Answer Song".

  • Angel Beats! Insert Song Single - Thousand Enemies
This ablum was released on May 12th 2010. It features "Thousand Enemies", "Rain Song" and "Highest Life".

  • Angel Beats! OP ED Single - My Soul, Your Beats!
Opening and Ending Album featuring "My Soul, Your Beats!" and "Brave Song". As sung by Aoi Tada and Lia. It features the TV version of the OP and ED, the full version and Instrumental versions of these songs.

  • Angel Beats! - Keep the Beats
An Album featuring all the songs of "Girls Dead Monster". It features Yui's version of "Crow Song", "Alchemy", "Ichiban no Takaramono", "My song" and "My soul, your beats". It has a GirDeMo version of the ending "Brave Song" and other songs like "Thousand Enemies", "Shine Days", "23:50", "Run with Wolves", "Morning Dreamer", "Rain Song" and "Little braver".

OST/Insert Song Episode Appearance
Song Name Episode
My Soul, Your Beats! (Lia) 1 - 3, 5 -13
My Soul, Your Beats! (LiSA) 4
Brave Song (Aoi Tada) 1-12
Theme of the SSS 1, 9,12
School Days 4
Girl's Hop 4
Art of War 1-4
Today is OK 1, 4
Memory --
My Most Precious Treasure (LiSA) 10
Tactics 1-4
Enemy Country 1,2
Operation Start 1,2
Decisive Battle 1, 2, 4, 4.5, 6-9, 11
Attack!! 2
Critical Point 1, 2, 4
Study Time --
Nikku Udon 4
Invention 1, 2
Toy of Spring 1
Deochi --
Light Drop --
Worthy Rival 1, 2, 4
Burial 2
Play Ball 4
Walkure 2
Let's Operation 2, 5, 8, 10,11
Evening Breeze 3
Moment of Rest 1
Initial Impulse --
My Heart --
Soul Friends 2
Kanade 5, 6, 7, 9
My most precious treasure - Orgel - 1
Memory - Orgel - --
Unjust Life 2, 4
Nocturne in the Afternoon --
Anxiety --
Abyss 4, 6
Alter Ego 4
Siren --
Transforms to the Shadow --
Otonashi 6
Angel's Flight 8
Firing Preparation 4
Desperation --
Breakthrough 2,4
Ichiban no Takaramono (Karuta) 13
Crow Song 1,2,3

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