Ayato Naoi (直井 文人, Naoi Ayato) is one of the students of the Afterlife school and is said school's Student Council Vice President. He temporarily takes over Kanade Tachibana's position after the faculty forces her to resign.

The self-proclaimed "God", Naoi initially uses extremely violent methods to remain in the Afterlife, but later joins the Afterlife War Front after encouragement from Yuzuru Otonashi.


Naoi is a young male with chin-length dark green hair with fringes swept slightly to the right. He wears the default uniform of the afterlife school which consists of black pants and a white polo shirt worn under a black gakuran (he is the only SSS member in the Anti-Angel Headquarters that doesn't wear the standard SSS uniform). He also wears a variation of a Mao cap, with a dominant dark blue and black color scheme. Whenever he goes on his rounds on the school's classes, he is usually followed by a small group of NPCs. In the manga, he wears the same uniform as in the anime, excluding his Mao cap.


Before joining the SSS, he is much stricter than Angel was and his first action as president is to punish the SSS for their constant disobedience. He even massacred the SSS after Otonashi and Kanade were sent to the reflection room. Later on, when he joins the SSS, his affection for Otonashi and antagonistic attitude towards the others are used as a constant source of comic relief. He often says negative remarks on others, and then says that with the exception of Otonashi. He also claims himself that he is a God, though the SSS insist that he is not. Hinata is usually the target of his hypnotism, due to Hinata's constant teasing.


  • When in combat, Naoi uses a pair of Heckler & Koch USP pistols, but his main ability still lies within his remarkable hypnotic abilities.


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