Hisako (久子, Hisako) is second-in-command / co-founder of Girls Dead Monster who plays the guitar.


She has long brown hair usually kept in a ponytail and gray eyes. She wears the standard uniform with her sleeves rolled up to her elbow. She also wears the GirlsDeMo accessory in her left thigh. She is seen carrying her guitar, mostly she used it in the performances during the diversion practices.


She has a candid personality and likes to play mahjong, which she has incredible luck with. She cheats to win. She is strict when it comes to practicing their new songs and she's always angry with Yui (probably because of messing the rhythms or if Yui had said something that she didn't like).


Beginnings of Dread MonsterEdit


Iwasawa and Hisako performing to Crow Song in the manga.

Hisako finds Iwasawa running from teachers who want to stop the latter's guitar playing in the middle of class period. She offers refuge to Iwasawa because she is personally moved by Iwasawa's performance and she invites her to play with her on the music room; at this time, Iwasawa discovers that Hisako has a playing style very similar to a band named Sad Machine. Hisako then offers her a chance to form a band with her.

Although Iwasawa is not yet ready to form a band with her, Hisako continues to play alongside Iwasawa; at this period, Iwasawa has finished composing "Crow Song". Hisako still wasn't able to recruit Iwasawa into the band she is planning to form, and she instead decides to ask her perform with her in an unexpected concert at noon.


Trivia Edit

  • She is possibly a D cup
  • She is noted to be good at athletics
  • She slightly resembles Rin from Little Busters[1]

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