Keep The Beats! is a studio album by Girls Dead Monster album released on June 30, 2010 in Japan by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0058. The album contains one disc with 13 tracks sung by LiSA. The album is composed by Jun Maeda and arranged by Hikarishūyō.

All songs written and composed by Jun Maeda.

A version of Keep The Beats! containing instrumental tracks was released on July 28, 2010 along with a 256 page score book (sheet music).


1. Crow Song (Yui Ver.) 4:04
2. Thousand Enemies 4:48
3. Shine Days 4:56
4. 23:50 4:21
5. Run With Wolves 4:05
6. Morning Dreamer 3:47
7. Rain Song 4:57
8. Alchemy (Yui Ver.) 4:16
9. Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.) (一番の宝物)   6:00
10. Little Braver (Album Ver.) 4:57
11. My Song (Yui Ver.) 5:09
12. My Soul, Your Beats! (Gldemo Ver.) 4:45
13. Brave Song (Gldemo Ver.) 5:40

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