Miyuki Irie (入江みゆき, Irie Miyuki) is the drummer of Girls Dead Monster who, despite being dead herself, is bad with hearing stories about ghosts or spirits, which Sekine likes to take advantage of. Irie is best friends with Sekine and joined Girls Dead Monster at the same time as her. She has a very gentle, kind, innocent personality which balances well with Sekine's more mischievous personality.


  • Miyuki was a contestant of the voting contest Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010 but lost to Yuno in the first round of the main tournament.
  • Miyuki plays a Pearl FZ725/C-CX drum set.
  • She always seems to be with Sekine.
  • Irie and Sekine look very much alike together, Except Irie has lavender hair, while Sekine has blond hair and seems to have strands at both sides.