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My Soul,Your Beats! is the opening theme song for the anime Angel Beats. It is performed by Lia. It is included in a single with the closing theme song "Brave Song".

Lyrics/Composition: Maeda Jun
Vocals: Lia (LiSA for Episode 04 Version)


The song tells the story of a person who has lived a simple life and bearing witness to people who come and go as that person stays as a mere witness of it.

In the opening credits that go along this song, it shows Angel (Tenshi/Kanade) playing the piano in different locations in the afterlife school as the different characters from the series are introduced. Within the latter half of the sequence, flashes of the current episode's events are shown, although slightly obscured by the effects used and the speed of display. After that, the school is shown to have orbs of light appearing and floating to the sky, as Yuri (Yurippe) and Angel (Tenshi/Kanade) appear before the sequence ends.

Another version of the credits focus on Yui, performing the same song as if it was her audition performance for the role of leader of the band Girls Dead Monster (Girrls DeMo). This version also edits out all of the appearances by Yuri, Angel (Tenshi/Kanade) and Otonashi, replaced by Yui herself.

It is presumed that the title of the song is called it due to the fact that *SPOILER ALERT* Angel (Tenshi/Kanade), has Otonashi's heart in the time before her death, My soul (Angel's Soul), Your Beats! (Otonashi's Heartbeats). *SPOILER END*



Original CreditsEdit

Episode 04 Version Performed by YuiEdit

Angel Beats! » Opening 201:31

Angel Beats! » Opening 2


Japan TranslationEdit

English TranslationEdit

mezamete ha kuri-kaesu nemui asa wa

eri no tai wo kitsuku shime

kyoushitsu no doa kuguru to hon no sukoshi

mune wo hatte aruki daseru

sonna nichijou ni fukinukeru kaze

Every morning, I'm sleepy when I wake up.

I tighten the tie around my neck.

And I feel just a little proud,

As I slide open the classroom door and walk in

A breeze flows through these normal days.

kikoeta ki ga shita

kanjita ki ga shitanda

furuedasu ima kono mune de

mou kuru ki ga shita

ikuoku no hoshi ga kiesatteku no wo


te wo futta

yokatta ne, to

I thought I heard it.

I thought I felt it.

As my chest trembles with anticipation,

I think it's about to come again.

I watch as the millions of stars,


I wave goodbye.

Wasn't it great?

Rouka no sumi miorosu souji no tochuu
Okashi na mono da to omou
Atashi no naka no toki ha tomatteru noni
Chigau hibi wo ikiteru you ni
Hokori wa yuki no you ni furitsumu
I look down at the corner of the hallway in middle of cleaning
I think it's a strange thing
Even though the time inside of me has stopped
It feels like I'm living through different days
Dust falls and accumulates like snow
Matteru ki ga shita
Yonderu ki ga shitan'da
Furuedasu ima kono toki ga
Mitsuketa ki ga shita
Ushinawareta kioku ga yobisamashita
Eien no
Sono owari
I realized you're waiting
I realized you're calling
Now in this time that started to tremble
I realized I found it
My lost memories recalled
My story
Of eternity
It's ending
Itsu no manika kakedashiteta
Anata ni te wo hikareteta
Kinou wa tooku ashita wa sugu
Sonna atarimae ni kokoro ga odotta
I started running before I knew it
My hand was being pulled along by you
Yesterday was far away, tomorrow was right ahead
That natural fact made my heart dance
Kikoeta ki ga shita
Kanjita ki ga shitan'da
Furuedasu ima kono mune de
Mou kuru ki ga shita
Ikusen no asa wo koe atarashii hi ga
I realized I heard it
I realized I felt it
Now in my chest that started to tremble
I realized it was coming already
A new sun overcame thousands of mornings

Matteru ki ga shita
Yonderu ki ga shitan'da
Furueteru kono tamashii ga
Mitsuketa ki ga shita
Ikuoku no yume no you ni kiesareru hi wo
Te wo futta
"Arigatou" to

I realized you're waiting
I realized you're calling
My soul is trembling
I realized I found it
I saw off
The day that's able to disappear like millions of dreams
I waved my hand
Saying, "Thank you"


  • The scene involving the "orbs of light" are not a foreshadowing of the final events in the series but a visualization of the last few lines of the song. Nonetheless, this display can also be seen in Clannad, an anime series also produced by animation studio Key.
  • Fans speculate that the song pertains to Angel, primarily because she is focused throughout the sequence. Others, on the other hand, say that it was Yuri referred to in the song, as Angel never wore a tie (instead she wears a ribbon).
  • Shortly before the end, if you look closely at Angel, you can see white wings in her back. Hinting on why the SSS call her "Angel".

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