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    To whom this may concern,

    OK so I'm planning to write some fanfic involving Angel Beats but it will also involve the movie Inception - for those who don't know what Inception is, it's a bit like the surreal dream anime movie Paprika except it has more action in it. Now I have posed a similar type of question on the Inception wiki and got some answers so now I need to clear things up with you guys.

    As creative licence, I will say that the Limbo that the Afterlife Battlefront reside in is also the Limbo depicted in the movie Inception - where it is a very deep subconscious state of mind (like after the 3rd layer of dreaming, you're there) and according to the guys in the wiki/movie: "Limbo exists as a space that is not dreamt by any one indiviā€¦

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