• Glacial Blaze

    Hello, I am a new member on Angel Beats! Wikia, but not new to Wikia. I decided to look at this wikia page, just to see how much information there was on here etc.

    However, considering the fact that Angel Beats! has only 1 episode left, I would've expected this site to be a bit more developed and many more articles. I think that there needs to be a huge overhaul of all of the articles on the site, and there's a potential for a lot of data to be added to each article. I would suggest looking at other wikia's on other anime to get ideas what to have. For example, Bleach Wikia has a lot of stuff which can be adopted on this site; a quotes section a notable inclusion.

    If you would like me to help out with this, I'll be all to happy to help. I'll…

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