• Werewolf Boy


    May 22, 2010 by Werewolf Boy

    First off I would like to be a bit excited of being the one to post the first blog post on the angel beats wikia - woop woop.

    Anyway to what i was going to say, I just have a few suggestions that i've seen on other wikia that seem to work extremly well in getting people to work together to produce good, reliable information and a great wiki:

    • The Character page would work so much better if there were like small pictures of the character next to their names - it's eaiser to find a face than a name that you might not have caught in the anime but you know what they look like.
    • A forum to discuss the series about the anime.
    • The wikia logo at the top left of the screen should be changed to the logo that can be seen on the episode list page.
    • A spoiler …

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