First off I would like to be a bit excited of being the one to post the first blog post on the angel beats wikia - woop woop.

Anyway to what i was going to say, I just have a few suggestions that i've seen on other wikia that seem to work extremly well in getting people to work together to produce good, reliable information and a great wiki:

  • The Character page would work so much better if there were like small pictures of the character next to their names - it's eaiser to find a face than a name that you might not have caught in the anime but you know what they look like.
  • A forum to discuss the series about the anime.
  • The wikia logo at the top left of the screen should be changed to the logo that can be seen on the episode list page.
  • A spoiler page could be created giving a summary about what's going to happen in the next episode.
  • A monthly poll could be created but then again after - Who's the best character? and What's your favourite Girls Dead Monster song? it becomes slim picking's.
  • The profile pages should be concurant as in they should all have the same layout with the same amount of information on each character, along with some more general information like - Relationships e.g. Otonashi's relationship with Yuri like a shor summary. Their life history should be separated from the ploat as even though sometimes people's life story takes up half an episode it's part of their past. Furthermore I would suggest a Quote section on good quality quotes that characters say throughout the series e.g. One for Shiina could be "How shallow-minded" which is basically her catch phrase to say the least.

Now i'm sure that there are other's who might think the same way as i do or even have some other ideas i haven't put down.

I just want them to be adleast taken into consideration.

Werewolf Boy 00:23, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

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